New Life

My progress has been slow the last few weeks. Work has been hectic as many projects wrap up for the year and the fact that I’m still working three, no wait, four jobs, all while working on a 19 year old school bus means that free time sometimes takes a back seat. Likewise, as I have mentioned before, winter seems to have set in early. My goal was to get the demo and exterior paint done before the icy onset. So with that in mind, I sent the bus out for paint. I fully acknowledge that it’s sort of like cheating in this skoolie sub-culture, but it was a necessity to keep forward momentum. By now you’ve probably seen the prep pics, so I present to you today, the newly painted bus. I’m still not sure what I’m calling this things. Rusty? Blue? Someone even suggested Old-Yellow (as a take on Old Yeller and the fact that it used to be yellow- lol) I’d love to hear your suggestions. Send me a note using the links on the blog. In the meantime, enjoy the pics. She comes home today after work and then the fun really begins! If you need paint work done, check out the guys at Truck Painting Specialists in Indianapolis. Ask for Bill and tell him that I sent you!

Published by Michael Kaufmann

Skoolie converter, Triathlete, Husband, Father of four. I started my first skoolie conversion in November of 2018. I loved the project so much, I'm now blogging my second. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoy creating. See you soon.

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