Catching Up

It’s been weeks since I’ve had time to blog, but life gets in the way sometimes. Work has been incredibly stressful for a whole host of reasons. So, despite getting a little work done on the Skoolie V2 build, I’ve simply not had time to blog. This and the next post are catch up posts.

With the coolant lines out, I turned my attention to the walls inside. If you know school buses, the interior walls are basically sheet metal screwed or riveted to the steel frame. Behind that is a lot of cotton candy style insulation (that is most often moldy, wet, and or just plain gross.) You would think that this is as simple as just removing the screws and peeling off the sheet metal. WRONG. Many of the screws are just simply rusted in place. The real kicker here though is that the top edge of the sheet metal is tack welded to the frame supporting the windows.

I stared out by removing as many screws as I possibly could (we are talking hundreds of screws.) After that, suit up with safety equipment because it’s time to break out the angle grinder again. I tried using a hammer and chisel to break the spot welds along the top, but, it just ended up tearing the sheet metal. To solve this, I just used the angle grinder to again cut the sheet metal. This is all getting covered up anyway, so I don’t mind leaving a 1 or 2 inch wide extra layer of sheet metal here.

Keep in mind that in order to do this properly, all the windows have to come out. This is a necessary step in re-sealing them all anyway, so I took the time to pull out all of the old caulking and weather stripping and used my pneumatic grinder to clean the edges and prep them for new window sealant.

Last but not least (and while the windows were out) I disconnect the buzzer and safety alarms from the emergency exits and moved them to the back of the bus. I was planning on putting sheet metal over these anyway to create more privacy in the back bedroom. This was easy, I called up Jesse Johnson, owner of Metal Supermarkets, and he custom cut me four sheets of 20gauge sheet metal to fit the windows. With the edges already cleaned up, I simply inserted these into the openings, replaced the windows and caulked the outside (and inside) edges. A little self etching primer and these babies will be ready for paint.

With the inside walls now gutted, all I have left is to finish the floor demo and remove the ceiling panels and insulation. However, winter seems to have come early this year. My goal was to get the bus prepped and painted before winter, so I’m gonna stop inside demo and prep/paint the exterior. Check back soon for my next blog post on prep and pain.

Published by Michael Kaufmann

Skoolie converter, Triathlete, Husband, Father of four. I started my first skoolie conversion in November of 2018. I loved the project so much, I'm now blogging my second. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoy creating. See you soon.

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