Hurdles are Hard

The seats are all out! I still can’t believe I got it all done this weekend. I actually started last week as you can tell from my previous blog posts. I had not planned to do any more work this weekend as we drove to Ohio to visit my son. He is a freshman in college and truth be told was the brains behind the first Skoolie we did last year. Many of you have heard me reference my previous build and asked to see it. I guess this is as good a time as any. Here’s a few pics of that build that I call Skookie V1.

But we got home earlier than expected today and I had four hours to myself. This time I had a plan. The last two one hour sessions in the bus, I really just wanted to see the best way to tackle the seat removal. Today would be putting those processes into order and adding some speed. Quick note to you all; make sure you have the right tools to get the job done. In addition to some good impact sockets, make sure you have a set that you can angle as well. The bolts directly next to the seats are difficult at best to get to with your wrench. Likewise, a standard sized impact driver won’t fit under the rail on the port side of the bus. This is due to the coolant line protective cover that powers the rear and mid-ship heaters. A great angled impact socket along with a ratcheting wrench is important.

It only took about four hours work today, but ALL the seats are out! BOOM. You heard me right, I got them all out today. I also removed the emergency exit row seat and the kick walls at the front of the bus on each side. Note that the bolts that hold the emergency exit row seating to the floor are larger (9/16″) than the standard seat bolts (1/2″.) It’s a great feeling to have cleared the first big hurdle in my Skoolie V2 build. This is what I have typically regarded as the worst part (removing the seats) of the most fun (building a skoolie) you can ever have.

There are sure to be many more hurdles in this build, but I look forward to the challenge. Now for a little clean up before I move on to the puke mat and the sub flooring. It’s all coming up so that I can patch holes and mitigate rust. See you next time.

Published by Michael Kaufmann

Skoolie converter, Triathlete, Husband, Father of four. I started my first skoolie conversion in November of 2018. I loved the project so much, I'm now blogging my second. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoy creating. See you soon.

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