The Nuts and Bolts of Demo

I strung up some LED lighting in the bus to make it easier to work. Last winter when working on Skoolie #1 we were using flashlights or iphones and never had enough light to see what we were doing. This time I sprung for a string of construction lights. As a result, I had no excuse to not go out and start demo tonight after work and dinner. Besides, I was anxious to see if my new method for seat removal proved any faster the second time around.

First step is to remove the seat tops. Each seat top is held in place with four phillips-head screws. This is the easy part. Take the top off and discard appropriately.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to remove 19 year old bolts from the floor of a school bus? Rusty bolts that is. I remember how much a pain in the ass this was the first go around. Each seat is held in place by three 1/2″ bolts holding the seat to the side rail by the window and four 1/2″ bolts on the feet/legs nearest the isle.

I used a 1/2′ wrench to hold the nuts on the side rails, while using a 1/2″ impact socket on my dewalt driver to remove the bolts. The floor bolts however were a bit more difficult. Most of the bolts were too rusted in place to even turn and the ones that did turn spun the nut and bolt together. Many blogs advocate sending a partner under the bus with a socket or wrench to hold the nuts, but when working solo, this isn’t an option. I thought about using my cutting torch, but then had visions of the bus going up in flames. I opted to use my angle grinder with a cutting wheel. You don’t even have to get all the way through the bolt, but just enough so that it breaks when hit with a hammer. This proved to be fast and effective. I removed three seats total tonight. It took about 45 minutes so that should be my pace the next time I do more demo.

Thanks for checking back in. See you again next time.

Published by Michael Kaufmann

Skoolie converter, Triathlete, Husband, Father of four. I started my first skoolie conversion in November of 2018. I loved the project so much, I'm now blogging my second. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoy creating. See you soon.

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