So, the bus didn’t come home today. There was a delay in getting some parts at the dealer. Fortunately for me, the dealer I bought the bus from decided to replace both front AND rear brake cylinders prior to closing the sale. Even better, they did it at no additional cost. I used the extra day to prep my site at home. The first time we built a Skoolie, we did so outside our horse barn. It’s on our property and has great parking, but no heat, no tools, and only 60 amp electrical service. Needless to say, we spent the winter resetting breakers every time the saw and the heater were both plugged in. This time around, I’m moving the bus build out to my wood/workshop. To facilitate this, I ran two dedicated 20 amp circuits to the outside. I also wired in a 30 amp 220v plug so we can run a dedicated heater in addition to our power tools. Photos attached. The bus comes home tomorrow and all will be right in the world. I’m thinking of adding a Skoolie cam so you all can follow the live progress. Not sure though that I want everyone peering in 24/7. Let me know how you like the blog.

30 amp 220v outlet

Published by Michael Kaufmann

Skoolie converter, Triathlete, Husband, Father of four. I started my first skoolie conversion in November of 2018. I loved the project so much, I'm now blogging my second. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoy creating. See you soon.

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